Connection precedes learning.  In order to learn something, especially something transformative like new ways of being or experiencing the world, we must feel connection with those we are learning with or from. We must also be connected to our internal wisdom – both learned and innate. As adult learners, we learn best when we can connect what we are learning with what we already know, and with how we will apply this new learning to our lives.

Craig and Marc Kielburger, the brothers who founded the Me to We Foundation and the Free the Children charitable organization, are doing powerful work in the world, based on connection.  To paraphrase and over-simply their message: If you feel poorly about yourself, don’t look into your navel, go help someone else; find someone and/or something outside yourself to connect to.  When we feel low or unworthy, we are out of connection.  If you create connection, you’ll feel better.  We guarantee it.

So much of our personal and professional development training has been about looking within for our worth, and dismissing what others think of us.  There is important value in this concept, and it misses something important.  It’s important to know and own our worth in the face of those who might tear us down from their own places of fear and shame.  However, it is also important to build the relationships that will nurture us, raise us up, and challenge our blind spots…. support us to be the fullest versions of ourselves.

We are, as human beings, designed for connection: to each other, to the earth and to that which is greater than ourselves (however you define ‘that’!).  While we need to be fully self-responsible for our actions and our impact, we also need to meaningfully engage others in creating ourselves to be contributors to our world.

Connect with me to explore how you can make a greater contribution.

"Here's my intuition: that until we get more connected, through our hearts, through our consciousness, and through our collective nervous system, communication systems, and feel that heart connection—we're too aggressive, too dissonant, too separated, to catch a glimpse of what we're becoming.  It's just like in the birth image of a newborn baby—if the newborn baby never coordinates enough in its nervous system to breathe and open its eyes, it won't know what it's becoming." Barbara Marx Hubbard