Truth.  Power.  Courage.  Wisdom.  They live in our bodies.  We are not our bodies, but we are deeply connected to them, and to be fully alive we must be fully IN our bodies.  Our bodies are the source of our power and the instrument through which we experience the world.

Embodiment is a process of coming home; reconnecting to deep integration of all of ourselves.  It is the process of surrendering, in the most empowered way, to all of who we are – to our most human experience.  Embodiment is the path to authenticity.  It’s also the path to powerful leadership.

Most of us use our bodies as transportation devices to get our heads to whatever thing we need to attend.  We may take great care of the transportation device through good food and exercise; we might even go to yoga or meditation classes and connect mind, body, and spirit on the mat.  Unfortunately, we usually leave that connection there, on the mat, quickly returning to our minds as our primary, or sole, guidance system.   In those important moments, we discount our intuition, ignore or suppress our bodies’ input. It’s like trying to fly a plane (a really well cared for one) with the guidance system offline and one engine down most of the time.

Full embodiment is about taking the practice off the mat (or out of the gym) and into our everyday lives.  It’s about connecting with our bodies as full wise advisors, and active participants, in all the parts of our lives.   It’s about understanding how we, in our body, impact others and how we can shape that impact to more effectively engage others and make positive changes in the world.

Fully embodying your leadership gives you an edge over most other leaders.  It gives you access to information, energy, and the capacity to make the impact you want in your business and in the world.

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Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.

Dr. Joyce Brothers.