Leadership isn't something we do: it’s who we are, how we show up in the world.  It’s how we assess value and make decisions; what we take a stand for, and what we ‘let slide’.  Whether we are leading an organization, a family, or our lives, leadership is about how we live the values we hold most dear, and how we engage others to follow us.

There are endless definitions of leadership and theories on what makes a great leader.  All of them fundamentally come back to how we can inspire people to willingly follow us to places they might not go on their own.  In the business world, that’s often phrased as ‘how to get the results we want through and from people’ – willingly.  In our communities, our families, and our lives, it may be phrased more ‘how to inspire people to take the actions necessary for positive change.’

Inherent in all of these models, definitions, and approaches is the need for self-awareness: deep connection with our own needs, values, desires, and our impact on others.  What most leadership theories generally overlook, however, is embodiment; a deep integration of our physical being with all that we do and all of who we are.

Embodied leadership is becoming a stand for what we believe in.  Mahatma Gandhi said, “My life is my message”.  He didn't ‘take a stand’ for what he believed in, he WAS the stand.  He became it.

What is your message?  How do you embody it? How do you inspire and support others to discover and embody theirs?

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