Placenta Preparation Services for Surrey and Delta


Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Encapsulation- Fee- $250.00/(or 200.00 if doula clients).
Inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of preparation involves cleaning the placenta, gently heating the placenta with fresh ginger and then dehydrating the placenta before it is put into capsules. Using this preparation is thought to bring out the placentas healing and tonning properties as well as warming and healing the uterus.  Offering Orange, Wild Berry, Bubblegum and Strawberry capsule flavors!                                                                                        

Placenta encapsulation
Placenta Capsules
RAW Placenta Encapsulation –  FEE: $250.00/(or 200.00 if a doula client).

The RAW method of preparation skips the heating and herbal process altogether. The placenta is still sliced, dehydrated and ground into a powder for the capsules. Raw food activists believe that steaming the placenta destroys some of the essential nutrients. Using this option provides a burst of energy upfront and great hormone stabilization.


Connect with me for a more detailed conversation.  In service to each family, we meet in the prenatal period to outline the desired package, I pick up and prepare products at location of birth if applicable, deliver the product withing 48-72 hours post pick up.  We then have a postpartum meeting where the products are delivered, and any healing add-ons are provided.
                                          I was trained by Full Circle Placenta Preparation Services, and am in the process of certification.

Certifying Agency

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