Doula Package

Doula Package
A doula package that covers your family’s needs throughout the journey of birth.

Knowing that we connect is important to a family’s feeling of safety, and therefore I like to meet for tea.Once we have decided to proceed, we will have an initial prenatal meeting.  This may last around 90 minutes.  You may add a massage to this package for an initial 50 dollars, which will be an additional 60 minutes.

Your family’s birth will be marked as a priority on my calendar.  The initial retainer fee of 300 dollars will claim your spot.  I will remain on call for your family for a total of 5 weeks, from week 37-42 of your pregnancy.  During this time I am available day and night for your questions and concerns.  I am to be used as a resource, and will share with you all of my resources.

Once you go into labour, you are encouraged to connect day or night to let me know.  I will come to be with you as soon as you are ready for me.  I will stay available to your family for the entirety of your birth, until approximately and hour after the baby is born, or when you are ready.

We will meet again one time in the postpartum, usually for about an hour to 90 minutes.  Again, massage services may be added to this visit for an additional charge of 50 dollars.

The total package without massage is 1000.oo dollars.

E-mail me at or 778-318-9417 to chat further, or to set up an initial meeting.

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