What I Believe

I believe that our future depends on a different kind of leadership …..

… and that supporting women to fully embody their leadership is essential to changing the world.  We need deeply connected, embodied, leaders of all genders – powerful, courageous, visionary change-makers to carry us forward into a new paradigm of business and power.  We need more women to step into those roles because we can, and because it’s time to bring about balance.


I work primarily with women in part because I am one; but also because I know that as far as we’ve come, we still have a long way to go in order to fully realize our potential as leaders in the world.  We are still profoundly under-represented in the senior executive ranks, in politics, and as leaders of high-growth entrepreneurial organizations.  Women are leading the pack as start-up entrepreneurs and then plateauing rather than growing.   There are many reasons why this is so, and I am interested in—and passionate about—all of them.

As women, we are continually bombarded with messages about our bodies: what we should look like, what we should weigh, how we should dress, and how we should hold ourselves to be more attractive.  Most religions tell us that our bodies are shameful and to be resisted or transcended; the media tells us our bodies are objects to be beautified and commodified, and our education system teaches us to ignore our bodies altogether and focus only on our minds.

Rarely does anyone talk about our bodies as powerful tools – sources of deep wisdom, guidance, and strength.  Our truths live in our bodies, yet we are often living our lives with our internal guidance system turned off or muted.  When we learn to become leaders, we learn how to use our minds and work hard, often harder than our male counter-parts, to earn the same respect and influence.  We rarely, if ever, talk about how our bodies influence the kind of leaders we are, and the kind of impact we have.

I believe that all of what ails the earth and humanity comes down to one basic core issue: disconnection.  We have been socialized to disconnect from our bodies, from our intuition, and from the planet. Fortunately, many of us are choosing to reconnect.  We are building community, collaborating, working and living more interdependently.

Deep connection to ourselves, each other, and the planet enables us to lead from our core; from values of sustainability, stewardship, and compassion.  We can still earn good money, and run profitable businesses.  Connected, embodied, leadership enables us to transcend the zero-sum game of profit at any cost while creating benefits for the world as we earn what we need from it.  I am committed to supporting women in leading the way into the future.

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