What I Do

I work with change-makers, creators, visionaries, movers, shakers, possibility makers……

Business leaders, birth professionals, parents, emerging entrepreneurs, youths, activists….leaders at all levels, regardless of the job titles.  I work with people who believe that we can create a better world through how we work, play, and relate to each other and the planet; people who believe we have something to contribute, however large or small, to transforming this world into one that is fully vibrant, connected and sustainable.


  • Do you have a vision for the kind of impact you want to make in the world?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your body is your enemy instead of your ally in realizing that vision?
  • Do you ever find yourself second-guessing, or ‘justifying’ to someone else what you KNOW, in your body, to be true?
  • Do you struggle with how to be a successful leader while maintaining your family, your health, and your values?

I support conscious leaders to connect to the power and wisdom that lives within our bodies.  We are, by nature, deeply intuitive and infinitely powerful.  The source of that power and intuition is within our bodies, yet many of us have been taught to ignore, over-ride, or disbelieve our bodies.  We’ve been taught how to make our bodies attractive, fit, and healthy, but not to to inhabit them fully and access the information and guidance within.  It’s like trying to fly a plane with the guidance system offline and one engine down.

Through coaching, workshops, classes and retreats, I work with you to help you reconnect to your body, your values, your beliefs – to who you are and to how you want to show up as a leader.  Drawing on over 15 years of experience in leadership development and a lifetime of movement, I will partner with you to access your wisdom; to uncover the possibilities, strategies, approaches, and solutions that will be most powerful and effective for you. My job is to ask the right questions, to offer different perspectives, tools, and processes, to shine a light into the shadowy places that maybe you don't look at very often, and to champion you to step into a more powerful, embodied, way of being.

I also work collaboratively with, and happily cross-refer to, other practioners to offer a full array of consulting services within the umbrella of Tekara Organizational Effectiveness and successful entrepreneurship.  If you're wondering if my services might be right for you, Email Me and let's explore what you need.